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AbloyABLOY® is one of the leading manufacturers of locks and locking systems. The ASSA ABLOY Group is the world's leading manufacturer and supplier of locks and associated products, dedicated to satisfying end-user needs for security, safety and convenience.

ABLOY® products are designed and manufactured not only to provide high levels of security, but also to be reliable, user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing. The extensive ABLOY® product range offers solutions for many industrial applications. ABLOY® is your sign for security.

Customer-oriented development, combined with our long experience and extensive security expertise, means that ABLOY® security solutions employ the very latest technology to meet your needs.

The ABLOY® range consists of cam locks, padlocks, office furniture locks, oem solutions, and other industrial applications.

Arrow  Arrow is a complete resource for security hardware including locks, cylinders, exit devices and much more.  The outstanding hardware value that Arrow represents gives Security Professionals the opportunity to provide a quality solution at an affordable price.
CodeLocksFounded in 1990 in the UK, Codelocks is a manufacturer of a comprehensive range of mechanical and electronic locks to provide solutions for stand-alone access.

Codelocks serves - the home, the office, schools, hospitals, care homes, leisure facilties and varying businesses, where the need to restrict access to areas is paramount.


CompXCompX Fort has over fifty years of manufacturing experience supplying cam locks, switch locks and special purpose locks to a wide variety of industries which include personal computers, automotive products, security devices, office furniture, lockers, safes, and coin operated devices.

In addition to our standard product line, when required, we custom engineer, tool, and manufacture locks for customers' special applications.

Our vertically integrated manufacturing processes, which include die casting, molding, machining, and automated assembly, assure our customers dependable service and high standards of quality.

At CompX Fort, we take pride in our close associations with customers who are leaders in their industries.

Hes   In 1976, Leland Hanchett Jr. patented the first electric strike capable of releasing a 1" deadbolt. Invented in his basement, the HES 1000 revolutionized electric strike design and performance--evolving into the industry-leading 1006 series.

Today, HES has expanded to include HES, Folger Adam, and Vista product lines. Headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, we are committed to being the leading provider of innovative electromechanical locking solutions and support, to create safety, security and peace of mind for our customers.

Key Kop  Monarch strives to produce the best products possible. Our efforts include the introduction of new products and accessories, such as the Monarch Key KopTM and the AquaMiserTM Shower Timers, and timers for many unique applications, and the Universal Token/Coin operated Bathroom Lock.

Our position is that we are not just a manufacturer. We are a service provider, and our service is to provide you with the items you need in a prompt manner. All of us at Monarch thank you for your patronage. You are the reason we exist. Moving into our second century, we look forward to serving you for many more years to come.


Key Systems  Key Systems Inc. is a recognized leader worldwide in the design and manufacture of high-end security equipment. For nearly 20 years, Key systems has been providing its customers with groundbreaking products and services that incorporate the very latest developments in asset management technology.


Medeco  Medeco High Security Locks began in 1968 with the invention of a unique locking principle using angled key cuts and the elevation and rotation of special pin tumblers to provide millions of different key combinations. This invention produced a cylinder that was highly resistant to virtually all forms of attack, and created an unrivaled level of security. The angled cuts on the key and the cylinder design were so unique that a utility patent was issued. That patent protected the Medeco cylinder and the key so no other manufacturer could produce them. The principle of exclusive manufacturing rights over key blanks was successfully

defended in court many times over, setting the basis for an entirely new kind of key control.

In 1985, Medeco introduced a new design of high security lock with the invention of the Biaxial® Locking System. Like the original, the Biaxial system uses a patent on the key and the cylinder to provide proven protection against the unauthorized manufacture and duplication of key blanks. Additionally the Biaxial system is able to provide even greater master keying capability and utilizes hardened steel inserts to defend against virtually any form of physical attack.

In 2003, Medeco introduced the new Medeco3® locking system. Building on the success of the Original and Biaxial design, Medeco3 offers a new patented system, and an increased level of security through the use of three distinct locking points. This design provides a heightened resistance to physical attack and raises the number of unique codes available for master key systems. Additionally, the Medeco3 key design allows for a thicker, stronger key, while still offering the highest level of protection against unauthorized duplication.

Medeco locks are manufactured out of a facility in Salem, Virginia, employing approximately 400 people. The production employees are set up into different teams based on product type. This system cross-trains workers beginning with raw materials and ending with the production of a final product, assuring a high quality product, produced in the shortest length of time. Medeco is certified ISO 9001.

With experienced product designers, engineers, machinists and toolmakers, Medeco is capable of assisting with the design of custom products and providing rapid prototyping to assure proper fit into any application. Medeco’s commitment to custom manufacturing has resulted in a division devoted exclusively to supporting OEM’s and special market applications: the Industrial Security Division.


























































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