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WeBRIX Hosting by MWSPI


Monitor and control your doors over the web from any PC with no software to install; you are simply joining an existing system. Control doors in locations that do not justify their own installation.

Eliminate the hidden costs of maintaining and replacing servers and supporting infrastructure and remove the burden from your IT staff to learn and maintain another complex system. Unlike traditional systems, SaaS allows you to try a small system at no risk and grow as needed.

MWSPI Utilizes AMT's WebBrix which is an ASP.NET integrated security solution supporting off-the-shelf security hardware such as HID Edge and Vertx and SARGENT Profile Series v.S2 WiFi all-in-one lockset and video systems such as OnSSI's Ocularis. WebBrix is ideal for highly distributed security systems running as a service (SaaS) in customer owned data centers as well as central station monitoring environments.


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